I hope this isn’t a shock to you but the fountain of youth is…


yep               EXERCISE!

So what makes exercise so important?

One thing we know is that we are getting older, well at least in years. However lets look at the implications of getting older. Once we hit the half-century mark, life changes and so do our bodies.

Looking at the implications above the news gets a bit worse yet because our muscle strength is lost at a rate of roughly 15 percent a year after age 50, and 30 percent a year after age 70.

The yellow arm above shows us what we need to to reverse or at least slow this process down.

Well here comes our fountain of youth, so lets see what exercise does for us:

So if you now compare the needs we identified in the “Growing Older” mindmap we suddenly have a solution that meets all of our needs, how amazing is that! And the only drawback is that doing exercise involves effort, and a lot of it.