I’m a very late adopter of compression clothing and bought my first pair of 2xu compression pants at the 2012 Hunter Running Festival where I raced the Half Marathon together with my son Alex.

The race was in the middle of winter and training around our area in the hills during winter it gets pretty windy and the the winds can be pretty cold as well.

At this stage I was using some cheap running tights I had bought at Kmart and on colder days I would run in track pants.

On race day they had a bit of a village setup and while checking out the 2XU compression tights I thought that the price tag of $175 was pretty steep, however a race day special applied and the price was reduced to $150 and after a chat with the stall owner telling me that these would be great when training in windy conditions I bought them.

BTW until recently I always pronounced 2XU as 2-X-U until someone recently told be it stands for “2 times you”.

Since purchasing them I’ve used these extensively for running and even mountain bike riding during the winter months and on cooler days during Spring and Autumn as well. As you can see from the picture they are now on their last legs and the split on the right leg has been their for a little while now and the X logo is a bit sticky after each wash but they still do their job after 3 years of heavy usage.

So why do I use them a lot? The main reason is that on colder days my knees hurt after training if I don’t keep them warm. However wearing track pants often chafes the inside of my thighs and when wearing the cheap compression pants as I’ve bought from Aldi and Kmart often make me overheat since they’re made out of nylon but the 2XU pants are some kind of a material. This makes them much nicer to wear and they are still breathable.

The hurting knees has only started happening after I hit 50, so I think it’s an age thing and if your knees hurt after exercising on colder days you might want to give good compression tights a go.

And last but not least I like the compressed feel I get from the 2XU pants all the cheapies  don’t seem to do any real compressing after a few minutes of movement. So for me these are an essential part of my XC gear.

If you’re looking to buy some you should be able to get them at your local XC gear retailer or you can follow this link to check them out online zt Onsport.