Hi there

So you’re wondering what we’re up to here at Pedal On?

Our aim is to help people enjoy the Barrington Tops and especially experiencing mountain bike riding adventures in and around the Barrington Tops.

Which really brings me to the core of what’s it all about, namely:

  • Cycling in general and mountain bikeĀ  (MTB) riding specifically
  • All that you need to be MTB fit and that’s fitness as well as diet
  • Adventure – adventure involves risk! Yep you’re not going to be safe here. We’ll talk a lot about “Taking calculated risks” and we’ll try to stop the government and council notion to keep us all safe and
  • Environment – if we don’t look after the environment we will no longer be able to have fun mountain bike riding. We will also talk about what politicians could and should do and how cycling should be a cornerstone of environmental policy instead of something the police would like to stop happening it seems.

All of these topics are touched on by myself when writing articles that are published on our blog. You also have the option of subscribing to our newsletter in which you will receive a summary of the last months blog posts.

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